Friday, July 16, 2004


We need to cleanse the stains from our national self-identity
immediately. It should have been done long ago. The
only thing that will do is a thorough top down house cleaning.
Nothing else will do to begin this process.

The list of high crimes and misdemeanors gets longer every day. The Whiner is the most ineffective, manipulative, and destructive ruler of America. Ever.

Our Republican led Congress is rotten to the core; too immersed in their own self interest to even mask their blatent disregard of our precious republic.

They have even chosen to be complicit in violent sexual crimes against children.

Any congressperson who is unwilling to get behind immediate impeachment hearings is just as guilty as if they had used their own little knobs to "Cheney" a young bung hole themself.

That includes you Denny Rehberg. Your vapid good looks, lukewarm personality and Grover Norquist values will not allow you to ignore this any longer.

Impeachment proceedings must begin immediately.

Impeach now or forever be remembered as a coward, a criminal, and a passive sadist.

Granny will not be silent about this.

If Mark Racicot can cease his feigned shrieking for five minutes we would like to know what percentage of "Grandma Millie's" pension he received for his services to Enron.




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