Saturday, June 05, 2004

It's the economy stupid

Gosh, the economy is just great. Isn't it?

I hear lots of gushing on NPR and CNN about all those new jobs and how fast the economy is growing. and isn't the unemployment rate down to 5.6% ?

Things are just so gosh darned good that the feds are expected to raise the interest rates next month.

Let's not forget that gas prices are expected to fall really soon.

Meanwhile here in Montana, construction that has gang banging for years now has plunged over the cliff. It is nearly impossible to go anywhere without running into major construction projects, and yet there was a poll in todays Great Falls Tribune

Is your confidence in the economy increasing?

Yes 42.4%
No 57.6%

I do not understand who is going to pay

for all of the major infrastructure expansions that are going on here.

Maybe we can just close some more schools.


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