Tuesday, June 01, 2004

755 Days

That Jose Padilla has been imprisoned without trial, charges, or representation. I wonder if the Red Cross has been able to visit him?

The courts have twice ruled that he should be allowed to meet with his attorney, and ordered him released last December. Why, oh why would our very own government work so hard to keep such a "small fish" detained like that? Why do they fear due process and threshold rights (fair elections, open and publicly accountable government, judicial review of executive action, the right of the accused to a public jury trial, separation of powers among the three branches of government, and the rights to free expression and free association)?

Does anybody remember what it was like when criminals were held accountable, not just held hostage?

On that note, Jump on over to Civil Liberties Watch to find out about the latest Patriot Act news.

Warning-you may feel the need to heave and/or shower when you glimpse the perversions they have foisted upon our beautiful constitution.



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