Monday, February 04, 2008


Yes Virginia, there IS an explanation why the 2007 Legislative session failed to solve the school funding issue.

* A team needs to have an effective team-leader — again, although intuitive, yet it's vital to the success of a team.
* Most team-failure is due to either an ineffective leader or other team-players trying to interfere with that leading role.

* An effective team-leader is able to:
* delegate appropriate responsibility to each team-member,
* oversee the overall operation of the team project,
* communicate with each team-member so the parts can fit together seamlessly,
* most importantly, assign the right person to do the right job.


* Our research shows that most team failure is due to the inability to cooperate and collaborate among team-members.
* One of the reasons why cooperation and collaboration failed is because of the wrong people being assigned to the wrong job.
* Essentially, it is the failure of the team-leader, and consequently, the failure of the team-members.