Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FOX Guarding Stock Market?

Really now.

Is it true that Clear Channel is skidding the slopes to junk bond territory?

Johnathan Adelstein is concerned

Media consolidation has really degraded the quality of a lot of what people see in the media
. When they see the level of gratuitous material that they don’t consider appropriate for their children, they can thank the unrivaled consolidation in the media for some of it. You’ve had massive consolidation in recent years, and that’s resulted in these big multinational conglomerates that are chasing the bottom line ahead of all else and will sensationalize things, cut back on news and information and really put all kinds of content on there that people are embarrassed to watch with their children. … I think it’s a crisis. Its also a crisis for the broader country because we want to make sure there’s a diversity of voices so that one booming powerful media conglomerate can’t disproportionately affect the political discourse in any one community or nationwide.

interesting, indeed.