Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Wealthy Foreigners Eat For Dinner

Guess this guy, as well as the President, would rather we all kill and sell the mustangs so they can pursue their own agendas. Well, I do believe we need to gang up on these people and explain about American Heritage. I read the other day that Israel is asking the U.S. to pay 450 million to install some checkpoints over there. Maybe we just funnel some of this wasted foreign affairs money back into our heritage and American West. First off, let's all get back to our respective congress-peoples and do some serious explaining about just WHO runs this country and just WHO does the voting. I am currently training a wonderful three-time loser mustang named Tooka. By this guys idea, Tooka would have been on a dinner plate in Europe and just fine with the dear Senator. I want you all to take a look at ALL of his pages on my web site. I want you to download one or two of the short videos of him and see just how wonderful this treasure is. Greed and laziness are the only reasons that thousands of good mustangs like Tooka will soon be slaughtered to please a pitiful handful of cattlemen who lease "Public Lands" from the BLM. What are YOU going to do about it? And, by the way, have you noticed how many horses area appearing in TV commercials lately? The American People LOVE horses !!

Congress sneaked the 'Burns rider' through in December 2004. It allows for the slaughter, for human eating, of Americas Wild Horses. If you treasure our ONLY National Heritage, the wild mustang and burro, then write your congressman and senator immediately

The Picture and the letter were taken off Robert's site without his knowlege or permission. I don't think that he would mind, especially if I follow up with more posts and a better explanation of why it matters.

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