Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Happened to America's Can Do Attitude?

Let's pretend that we can understand and accept the idea that our very own government would rather they got to stay on vacation and eat cake than rescue thousands of drowning Americans; of course we can probably get over the idea that bloated dead bodies had to float in the streets of New Orleans for days on end because they were icky and gross and lazy dead people who would have helped themselves out if they really wanted to stop clogging up the gutters.

Now some people might start to question why a year and 44 billion dollars couldn't get the garbage picked up or get reliable electricity and running water to the area, but those would probably be the same losers who would want to know why we have left all those people displaced in situations that don't facillitatethem getting on their feet soon enough to help the rest of us figure out how we are going to manage our staggering debt, crumbling infrastructure, lack of industry before our creditors break through the doors.

Other people might whine about the war, the torture, their loss of privacy and yada yada yada, but I may have finally uncovered our greatest national shame to date:

The FBI has still not updated their most wanted list to include Osama Who for his role in 9-11 because it is too darn difficult or it was inconvenient. Maybe somebody could get off the couch long enough to tell the FBI where to find a 14 year old kid to take care of all that getting Osama Who and 9-11 in the same database or at least on the same 8 1/2x 11 piece of paper

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