Thursday, July 13, 2006

And the Democrats Are Rocking!

I did something new today, I went to a Democratic fundraiser and got to meet Governor Schweitzer! I also got to meet Jean Windham, Dave Wazenreid, Jim Elliot, and all of our local candidates as well as Nick Lawyer from Sanders County.

Governor Schweitzer talked about giving Montanan's a square deal, about being a leader in green energy, about Jon Tester, and how two of the three Republican lawmakers who supported Tester's green energy bill were axed by their own party. (why don't the Republicans want us to have green, sustainable energy?)

My favorite thing that the governor said was that next year we would be hearing something we haven't heard since the days of Jeannette Rankin, and that would be "the Congresswoman from Montana".

The Congresswoman from Montana, doesn't that sound wonderful?

Go Monica

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