Monday, July 03, 2006

Small Penis Pesticide Link

It is often said that misery loves company. Perhaps that is why our erogenously challenged, cook everything with pre made mixes conservative Republican ruling class is bound and determined to pull off pesticide testing on poor pregnant women and children, on abused, neglected, or retarded children despite the fact that pesticides have been linked with reduced penis sizes .

They are dead set on fumigating the most vulnerable amongst us despite the immense critisism that prompted them to cancel CHEERS, despite the lawsuits
, despite the 9000 scientists who dared to raise their voices against this atrocity.

You are probably thinking that we should be able to nip this human pesticide testing in the bud because of overwhelming opposition to it and because they did cancel CHEERS, but I want to remind you of a few other things that have looked like they were swirling the bowl only to arise again with another name and/or gameplan:

  • The Patriot Act
  • TIA
  • Torture
  • Media consolidation

What else has gone forth despite overwhelming opposition lately?

Update Some really good suggestions for combatting this and many other dastardly deeds can be found in this must read PDF file. Read it.

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