Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Morale Booster

Who needs an executive to run things when you can have a morale booster?

McClellan said the criticism of Bush for not asking questions during the video ignores the fact that before the videoconference he had been on the phone with governors in the region and received updates from then-FEMA chief Michael Brown and his own staff. Bush got on the videoconference to boost morale, not collect information, McClellan said, and he left before it ended for a previously scheduled press event at which he made a statement on the hurricane.

"Some have twisted the facts to fit a story line," McClellan said. "He was not there to participate in the full briefing. He was there for that purpose: to lift their spirits."

Scott Mclellan graciously informed the room full of nervous reporters of the President's true mission during his own morale building mission of reassuring them that rumors about shoddy work and poor quality materials on the levy were uncalled for.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan also rejected allegations of inferior rebuilding.

"The Corps of Engineers is using modern design and construction methods, which have greatly improved the last four years, which is the time when those levees were originally built," McClellan said.

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