Thursday, March 16, 2006

Killing The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs

The argument has been presented that we need to sell off part of our National Lands so that the government can reimburse counties for lost timber revenue. Let's imagine that we did sell it, then it would belong to somebody else and there is no more timber money for the counties ever.

Then we would not be able to hike or hunt or ski in those backwoods any more because they would belong to somebody else who would be demanding that we buy them new roads and services.

(Has anybody else had foreign governments single out your land sale posts? They aren't making land anymore, something the Jordanian government understands a lot better than Montanan's for Multiple use does.)

The deadline for public comment on this swindle is right around the corner so get in touch with the BLM, the Forest Service and your Senators at least once and leave a paper trail because the 21st century robber barons have their fingers crooked (come hither)at all the politicians they bought fair and square.

More and better commentary on this attempted burglary can be found at Tata's place, look out for the crayons.

Scrutiny Hooligans
has been stumping to keep those hollers available for generations to come.

Trek on over to the B and B to have some good conversations about it and meet the real estate developer. Just be careful of the drug cartels.

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