Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oily Business

Early warning signs that we're Crossing The Rubicon?

KIEV, Jan. 21 (Xinhuanet) -- A severe cold snap has claimed the lives of 10 people in Ukraine, with seven in eastern region of Lugansk and three in Kharkiv, the Interfax new agency reported.

Accompanied with heavy snow descending all over the country since Thursday, the temperature dropped drastically: with the lowest daytime temperature standing at minus 35 C in the north and east and minus 18 C in the comparatively warm northern region.

Under Strains of Peak Oil and Gas, Ideology Stretches to the Limit

I didn't see or hear this from any news source, but Ukraine's President Dioxin is apparently in danger of an impeachment. I will tell you the story to the best of my understanding...

Apparently the Russian government threatened to stop delivering oil to the Ukraine unless they paid their bill and Russia did not stop delivery but the Ukraine government told their people that it did leaving the people of Ukraine without adequate heat in December while the government sold their oil to other countries.

That is the story as I understand it from the person who told me. Has anyone else heard about this?