Wednesday, November 30, 2005

America Supports Propaganda

We could have armoured all the troops and sent functional radios to the battlefront with them. We could have paid them more, given them telephone allowances or rotated them out of the theater more often. We could have done those things and more.

What we did was push the hell out of this website as if these deeds were an adequate substitute for the compensation, leadership, support and respect they should be recieving from our government.

"America Supports You," a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense, will recognize citizens' support for our military men and women and communicate that support to members of our Armed Forces at home and abroad.

Why does it seem that the military is shirking it's duty, hiding behind civillian donations and media manipulation?

Here is what we get for Montana; notice that there is no town listed for the event at Wheat Montana.

Christmas for our Troops

Barrels of Support

Throughout the month of October, MSS is sponsoring the “Barrels of Support” drive. This is an easy way for people to drop off donated items in the Helena, Townsend, and Great Falls areas. For more info, and locations of the barrels, (click here)

Stockings for Soldiers

The items donated to “Barrels of Support” will be used to fill Christmas stockings for approximately 300 soldiers. The support of the communities is needed in order to fill these stockings! For more details (click here)

The Giving Tree

During October, the Giving Tree will be at the Wheat Montana restaurant at 2049 N. Main. This is a great way to give a Christmas gift to an individual soldier. For more details (click here)

Maybe they will have good entertainment at next years 9/11 celebration walk.

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