Friday, November 18, 2005

What Does He Do For His Annual $194,000.00 Haliburton Payment?

I seem to remember him driving the company to the verge of bankruptcy when he was in charge. Contrast Dick's pay package with another nearly bankrupt company that is soon to be bailed out with the same American tax dollars that not only bailed Haliburton out, but increased their stock prices more than 3,000 times

a new york bankruptcy judge on wednesday approved interim agreements between northwest airlines corp. and its pilot and flight attendant unions that included pay cuts of as much as 24%.

...the airline's attorneys said the agreement with the air line pilots assn. included a 23.9% pay cut, and the accord with flight attendants reduced pay by 20.7%. the unions ratified the agreements monday. - latimes

northwest airlines, flying while in bankruptcy, wants to position itself to outsource all flight attendant jobs on international flights, as well as all attendant jobs on planes with 100 or fewer seats.

...northwest flight attendants earn from $19,500 to $48,000 a year, depending on experience. the airline wants to cut their pay by as much as 22 percent. but it's expected that northwest will soon raise that target. - honolulu advertiser

What's the difference, why the disparity in the treatment of the employees of these two failed companies when they are both sucking their money out of taxpayer pockets?

h/t Kelley and Joe

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