Friday, November 25, 2005

Faithful With the Small Things

From time to time there have been external enemies at our gates; there has always been the enemy within, the hidden and malignant inertia that foreshadows more certain destruction to our life and future than any nuclear warhead. There can be no darker or more devastating tragedy than the death of man’s faith in himself and in his power to direct his future.
I salute the present generation. Hang on to one of your most precious parts of youth, laughter – don’t lose it as many of you seem to have done, you need it. Together we may find some of what we’re looking for – laughter, beauty, love and the chance to create.

Saul Alinksky

The situation at hand is dire indeed, unsustainable at best.

By now you are probably asking yourself "so what can I do?". You could start by taking a few small actions like buying local, buy blue, watching what you eat, Join or start a food co-op and clicking on the Hunger Site every day.

Why not make yourself somePumpkin Pie Spice, Russian Tea and Onion Soup Slow food is yummy, I can't wait to try this eggplant dish and this bernaise sauce after I finish off all the red beans and rice that I stuck in the crockpot.

You could get in touch with your Governor and congresspeople and ask them if they would ask Venezuela for help for the less fortunate in your state and ask them and your state representatives to invest in energy independence and job creation with the Apollo Alliance. Explore ways to Green your home.

Make Poverty History, visit the National Concil Of Churches become self sufficientish, learn how to reduce your wastes with something like the Flathead Valley's Waste Not project or Tampaction.

Small steps, take some and offer some more ideas in the comments.

I see tht Tony is off on the same tangent in his own Tonyish way. Enjoy the story and look for ways to do your own right thing. Let's take these small steps together and multiply them to create a wonderful journey.

I have to add a link to eRobin's Thanksgiving post because she has more, and to Riggsveda's blog where you can find links to donate directly to Louisiana's victims and their state on her left hand sidebar and you can see some of what she saw when she went there to help.

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