Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Super Hero

Brown thinks it is wrong for the federal government to be in the business of providing ice for Diet Cokes.

I guess that's why all those mangy people with their starving babies and sick old parents were standing outside the stadium yelling about their Diet Cokes getting warm.

The evil Christopher Shays (R) Connecticut, pummelled Super Hero with pointed question after pointed question "Who at the Department of Homeland Security denied your request for more funding?", "Who did you talk to when you realized you were in over your head?" "What did they tell you to do?"

Time after time Super Hero shielded those blows with his magic alter ego who whispered the correct answers in his ear. Super Hero is a dreamboat. Sigh.

Christopher Shays (R) Connecticut, exposed his heartlessness when he failed, he failed I tell you, to muster any sympathy for Mr. Brown's plight. The evil Christopher Shays (R) Connecticut, proceeded to show his ignorance of the thousands of disasters Super Hero oversaw without breaking a sweat.

Doesn't anybody appreciate the split second decisions that have to be made to save lives during a drought like the one we have here in Montana?


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