Thursday, July 21, 2005

Last Week To Speak

Leave It Wild

Now is the Time to Speak for Alaska’s Wild Future

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is currently evaluating its long-term land use plan for over 7.1 million acres of public lands and valuable wildlife and recreation resources in eastern Alaska. This plan will establish the direction for federal land management decisions on these rivers, lands, and resources for the next 20 years or more!

Now is the time to make your voice heard! The 90 day public comment period will end July 28, 2005!

Alaska public lands affected by the plan include a range of scenic landscapes, stretching from the southern slopes of the Alaska Range to the Chugach Mountains, and the Talkeetna Mountains to the Wrangell Mountains, including portions accessible from the Glenn and Richardson Highways and the Denali Highway.

The BLM’s preferred plan would open 3.9 million acres to oil and gas leasing (55

percent of the entire planning area) and 6 million acres to hard rock mining (85 percent of the planning area). This radical plan would significantly and permanently change the landscape and would result in deterioration of wildlife habitat, traditional recreation opportunities and the area’s natural beauty.

Due in part to a lack of support from Alaska State officials, wilderness inventories were not conducted as part of this planning process. Although there are areas that possess remarkable wilderness characteristics, designation of wilderness areas is not considered in any of the BLM’s proposals.

BLM needs to know what YOU think about these 7.1 million acres of public lands and valuable resources in eastern Alaska. Join us in submitting comments to BLM to share our vision of how these public lands should be managed for the enjoyment of future generations.


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