Thursday, July 21, 2005

Andrew Card on Ethics In Government


But even beyond that, recognize that working on this administration means that you should have the courage to follow the rules, obviously, and stay within the law, obviously. But it's actually to do more than that. Recognize that you do have a moral compass that tells you what to do and to do the right thing, and we'd like to see everyone do the right thing.

Many people ask what kind of job they should be doing for this administration, and the truth is they should be doing a job for the American people. After all, we're here to serve them all. The money that the federal government spends really belongs to the American taxpayers. So we’re the stewards of the American taxpayer’s money, and we have to remember that every dime that we spend on their behalf should be spent wisely.

I have this crazy notion that somebody should find out what Manuel Miranda has been up to lately. When was the last time we found him doing some unethical thing before he resigned and resurfaced in a different high level position?


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