Thursday, March 31, 2005


Ted Koppel's show tonight is about the media circus surrounding the Schaivo story. Kinda sorta like cops who put the drug dealers in the back of the car then pause to shoot up, snort and toke one up.

To be honest, I haven't spoken to a single person, not one, about it this whole time. I am surrounded with conservative evangelical christians and it never came up once. We did talk about agriculture, trade policies, AIDS, water issues, genocide in Africa, extreme poverty in Africa and the crime that goes with that poverty.

Ted asked why this has siezed the attention of the American public and there is a reverend answering blah blah blah. Cokie said that the disability, not the anti abortionists lobby is pushing to have the government interfere with guardians decisions. Would this be the same group of people who can't seem to get our own government to live up to the accessibility laws?

Cokie is going after the judicial system; these people never stop, do they? She said that people feel disenfranchised by the courts and this would make the judicial battles even worse.*

I am still waiting for a reasonable explanation why some small protests get so much air while tens of thousands even millions of anti war protestors get none.

I can't wait until the media does a story about all the things we aren't informed about when they start chasing their tabloid tails. While I'm ranting, does anybody really want to hear about Ashlee and Jessica Simpson or does the teevee just tell us they do?

*How about that, she said pretty much what James Dobson said!


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