Monday, February 14, 2005

For The Love Of God

I think that Fred Phelps and his fearful followers are protesting the Montana Supreme Court today. I knew they were comming to Montana and saw some of the protest and counter protest on the Ten O'clock news last night.

Surely I could revisit the details of this occurrence and the one that was supposed to happen today through their websites, right?


Wrong again


It's just lovely to be so ill informed about what goes on in my own state. Maybe I should spend hours each day beating out every newspaper in the state...

Seriously though folks, won't you join me in prayer for the Reverend Phelps and his fellow Fearings? There is nothing like the love of God and the love for God to give you a mission in life that doesn't include stalking and terrorizing your fellow human beings.

Remember, the only behavior you can absolutely control is your own.


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