Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flathead Dems to Explain Property Tax Rebate

Senator Dan Weinberg along with Representatives Mike Jopek and Doug Cordier will be at the home of the lovely Jo Ann Blake at noon on August 15 to explain how to cash in on the $400.00 property tax rebate.

I know that I don't usually get quite so vocal about local issues here, but I was recently confronted with an obvious right wing smear about how Governor Schweitzer wouldn't even compromise on property tax rebates.

Excuse me folks, but there truly does come a time, usually after you give up the idea that moving back in with your parents will solve your financial problems, that responsible adults do not carelessly spend money without making sure that money will be there.

That reminds me of the way our local Republicans took something like twelve votes statewide as some kind of mandate to abolish our public education system then hid like cowards to let Governor Schweitzer take the blame for what they did.

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