Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just Can't Take It Anymore

So anyway, here I was minding my own business doing a springtime excavation of that pitiful little thing that is commonly referred to as my life and shutting the rest of the world out of my thoughts for a few days when I made the mistake of turning on the teevee while I was sorting the mail. Oh boy.

Iraq is fun for our soldiers, they are making rap videos and everything, yippee! Better yet, somebody wants to combine the lotto with voting, the economy is great and the radio is brimming with discussions of how the big bad enviros won't let our friends at Exxon drill a tiny little spot of ANWR that nobody likes anyway.

I'm not tough enough to do this, I'm not brave enough to look at this number grow while my friends have loved ones there and more on the way.

I think I will sit back and take Riggsveda's advice for a while now.

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