Thursday, February 02, 2006

Battle Hardened Soldiers

Let's see if I get this story straight.

It seems that the Pentagon and their pals are having a major fear reaction to a cartoonist who noted the consequences to soldiers of the callous and sloppy management at the Pentagon so they try to bully the cartoonist because these are poor hardworking middle Americans who can stand in the battlefield without armor for years on end but they will crumble because somebody wasn't properly avoiding the fact that poor hardworking middle Americans who stand in battlegrounds year after year without proper armor can have some really painful things happen to them and people might be rude enough to notice that the poor hardworking middle Americans continue to get blown up and Donnie Dearest continues to go on about business as usual without bothering to make sure the troops in the field have everything they need and somebody might notice that and there would be hard feelings from all that irresponsibility.

So the Pentagon immediately drops everything they were doing
to go on an intensive letter writing campaign to the Washington Post about their cartoonist because shutting people up is a hell of a lot more important to them than supplying their troops with the equipment they need to do the jobs they were sent to do.

It is about priorities, isn't it?

Will there be more letters now?

Thanks to John in D.C.
by way of Dave

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