Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Happy Iraq

It appears that Iraqis are magically happy 71% according to ABC's Nightline! Happy days are here again. Everybody is good and getting better every day, they are even starting to have faith and hope in their own army.

It is all because they are having an election. This makes me love President Bush even more than Brian Williams did this morning. More than the First Lady having fun on the Sears-o-mercial last night.

This is good, getting better every day. The President's approval rating jumped to 40% then 42% without explanation . Those dogs aren't barking though nobody is asking why.

Happy days are here again, the President is popular not out of touch or irrational, we are all wealthy, Iraq is peaceful and prosperous, the First Lady is doing T.V. all over the place and choco rations are going to rise any time now.

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