Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bayh, Biden, Clinton and Kerry

Those folks would all like to be President in '08.

Each and every one of those folks voted for the war and continue to stand behind it today. Each and every one of those folks appear to be saying that it was (and presumably will be again) to lie this country into a war. Their only objection appears to be that this war was run so poorly.

American's for Bayh makes the argument that they had to vote for the war so they wouldn't appear to be weak and that their first job was political survival. That sounds like a coward's argument to me.

What I wish for is someone brave enough to ask questions before they send people off to die. Could we possibly try to find a candidate that puts America, not their political aspirations or the military industrial complex first?

America needs to come first and the military industrial complex needs to sit in the corner, face judgement and pay reparations or we can kiss the little liberty we have left good-bye.

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