Friday, October 14, 2005

Max Baucus Katrina Response

This email was sent out on September 01, about 35 seconds before I got an expensive mailing from him about trying to get exemptions for Katrina victims as if he couldn't guess they would more or less be told It's your own damn fault.

Thank you for contacting me regarding the
Bankruptcy Reform bill. I appreciate hearing
from you.

On March 10th, the Senate passed the
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer
Protection Act of 2005 by a vote of 74-25, and
the President signed the bill into law. I
voted for this legislation.

The bankruptcy bill is a compromise that
was reached over 8 years of work. The
legislation is not perfect, but it's a good
effort to improve our bankruptcy laws.

The bill permanently extends Chapter 12,
which will grant Montana agriculture producers
greater relief during tough times. It also
ensures that parents collecting child support
and alimony payments are paid on time. We
closed loopholes that millionaires have used
to hide assets, and I believe that this bill
makes the entire bankruptcy process easier and
more fair for individuals and families who
have legitimate reasons for their financial

Bankruptcy is intended to be a shelter
for those who find themselves with a
significant, unexpected and insurmountable
debt. I support providing a reasonable safety
net to help them get back on their feet. It
is also important that consumers are protected
against overly aggressive credit marketing
practices, and provided better information
about the cost of credit and the consequences
of excessive borrowing.

Thanks again for getting in touch with
your concerns about bankruptcy reform. If I
can be of further assistance on this or any
other matter, please don't hesitate to let me

With best personal regards, I am

Senator Max Baucus


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