Friday, March 04, 2005

Day Two Strike Two

Inspired by the ease that high dollar internet gay prostitute (no, he didn't come cheap) Jim Gannon/Jeff Guckert sashayed himself into the White House Press Room every day for two years despite his lack of credentials and fake name, Garrett M. Graff, editor of Fishbowl DC decided to try his luck.

Garrett sure can tell a story, but if you are too busy to keep up with the trials and tribulations of an accredited journalist who presumably is not a plagarist and does not advertise the hourly rate for his inches on the internet, I'll give you the ending:

The scoreboard as it stands:

Fishbowl: 0
White House: 2

Phone Calls: 10 (includes two calls to the Press Office to check on the gaggle time)
Trips to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: 1

Humiliation Factor: Low
Frustration Factor: Medium (Rising)


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