Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lead Parachutes

What do you count on when your pension plan is ransacked? There was a time that you could count on Social Security to cushion your fall. Maybe now you can't because Wall Street wants it ALL.

Larry explains why privatization is a bad idea.

GOP's problem

Couldn't agree more with Dan Whyte's assessment of the current state of the Republican Party in Montana. (Reader's Alley, Jan 16) One additional factor in their sudden loss of political power should be mentioned, however, and that is the GOP's active participation in the utility deregulation debacle. Not only did the government-approved shenanigans of the Montana Power Company turn many of our retirement accounts into leaden parachutes, it also pushed the agony of paying our utility bills to new levels of tolerance. Montana voters simply felt betrayed by the cozy relationship between the Republican Party and Big Business and decided in turn to elect representatives who would actually legislate with the interest of the electorate at heart. As much as the Republicans like to blame others for their fall, the fault lies in the pro-corporate philosophy of the party itself.

Larry Middagh

Just imagine losing the sum of your life's work to corporate profiteering. Now imagine it happening again with the other thing you were supposed to be able to count on.

Enter Bush on his taxpayer funded multi state hatchet marketing plan. Bad government or just another violation of the Hatch Act?

(via Montana Democrat News) emphasis mine



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