Monday, November 22, 2004


When planes crash

A prestigious public-relations agency was put on the scene by AA "minutes after the first crash" to help carry out that communications task. Concurrent to such public-relations efforts, both airlines refused and continue to refuse to disclose the most fundamental data in their possession regarding the murderous events, such as passenger lists and access to eye-witnesses. This evidence suggests airlines’ complicity in covering up the truth on 9/11.


As of November 13, 2003, the statistical database of the Department of Transportation (BTS) did not even mention AA11 as a flight scheduled for September 11, 2001 (6). At a later date the Department added a record for this flight with the departure time set as zero. Checking again the BTS database for this article on November 18, 2004, I discovered that the DoT again amended its database by setting the scheduled departure of AA11 to the "official time" of 7:45 (6). It appears that the DoT had received orders to align its database with the "official account" on the crime of 9/11. Should this have happened, there would be grounds to charge the DoT for falsification of official records and participation in a criminal cover-up.

Who lets the investigations die?

Secondly, we delivered a letter by Sibel D. Edmonds, FBI translator that was co-signed by 24 other former federal employees from CIA, DIA, FBI, DoD and other agencies of the United States government. That letter was dated September 13, 2004 and represents a critique of the 9-11 Commission "Omissions Report" that has been so glowingly written up in the lame media as a work of art by that commission. Well, I have to agree - the 9-11 Commission Report is a "work of art" of a cover up and an excellent fiction read for any of you that missed it.

I have made it clear in other writings that 8 of the 10 commissioners have so many conflicts of interests, their appointment to the 9-11 Commissioner is clearly to be directors of a cover up.

This is copied and pasted from the Sibel Edmonds letter and note who signed it and who received copies of it.


Remember - you are an American first and right now this nation needs The Silent Majority to stand up for the country we love - more than ever before in US history.

Lastly, notice that I have not included the major media in on this email. They have a surprise coming and best we let that surprise be just that - a surprise. They deserve to be exposed as the liars and charlatans they are for what they have helped cover up.

God bless America and all of us. We are going to need all of the help we can muster on Earth and in Heaven.


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